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hey guys,

i was just wondering if you guys could help me out with a few questions i had:

1. just what is the limits of the stock suspension? i just took my new GT out on a nice curvy road i know of and was fairly impressed with how well it stuck to the road and as far as i can tell the suspension hasn't had anything done to it. just how much of an improvment would i gain if i did a setup consisting of OGTS sway bars, sport springs, koni adjustable shocks, and all poly bushings? is it worth the cash?

2. next up is when i eventually manage to put my 2.3T in there i was planning on using a 9" rear end with 4 links and coil overs. but after seeing underneath the car and reading posts here i realize that there just isn't much room to work with down there. what would be a good alternative for a high powered street/strip/autox car? staight axle or IRS any possibilities. i was kinda thinking a rear end out of a 300ZX rear end could be a good candidate. would i be looking at possibly having to bach half the car just to get the correct mount points and then just make new rear floor plans?

3. on the front end how feasible is trying to fit a mustang II setuup into it? i now the the body was made to handle the stress characteristics of the transverse leafspring but if the mustang II setup just basically bolts to the frame rails i don't see how it cause problems.

i'm a very definite newbie when it comes to suspension stuff but i do plan on getting some literature on it ASAP. thanks for your help.
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