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List of Opel GT Scale Models

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Now here is interesting corner of the web, a list of all known (to this person) models of the Opel GT. There are a lot of them listed and pictured, so it is quite possible that this is indeed EVERY model.

p.s. I spent about an hour looking through and comparing different models. Good luck.

I Think that GT-Freak might be most interested in these...

Here is one for DESTEC and the rest of the Aero fans
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Gary said:
You asked for it, you got it.
Thanks a lot... :p

Now I am going to have to inventory and document all my Manta A models....

BTW, http://members.aol.com/opelgtclub/modelle1.html is a freind of mine Rolf Ewert. He does have about every Opel GT model ever made and was my "dealer", back a few years ago when I had a GT. When I finally realized it was futile and too expensive to finish the collection, I sold what I had piece by piece on Ebay to get some money to play with my real Opels.

But as these urges go.. they return with a vengence. So I limited myself to Manta A collectibles only. Of which I think I have an almost complete collection. I am missing a few of the new Schucos though, and the 1/24th resin kits.

I do have one of the limited 1/24th Manta resin kits (a TE2800 to be exact), but currently Gene (BQS) is building it for me. :D

I also have been collecting a lot of ADs, brochures, etc.. for the Manta as well. Maybe a Collectible Paper forum as well.. to compare Ads, etc.. On second though never mind.. I would have to inventory all those as well if you did that ;)
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Yes and No..

I have a Lexan 1/24th Manta A Model, Custom built, Manufacturer unknown.

I also have a 1/66th (HO Scale) - Bauer (Yellow GT/E) I havent had the money to buy all the Bauer Manta Models. I think there were 8 or so colors.

Love to know what they look like in real life. They look like the Bauer models. But the decals are similar to a lot of the IMU race versions.

That must be the one I have then, although the paint job looks a bit on the custom side.

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