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Looking for a C20XE

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Hi everybody, i am guy fro italy living in Vancouver.
I had to live my beautiful opel Calibra at home becouse is not 15 years old.
I am in love with that engine it really pulls like it is a 3 liters.
It is amazing.

I was wondering if there is the same engine in another car here in North America.
The code engine is : C20XE

I know for example that the opel Vectra in europe share the same engine of the Catera Cadillac.

Can you please tell me if the Pontiac Lemans 1990 series has the C20XE in one of the sporty models?
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Hi Simone,
No red-tops here in Canada (dammit)....closest thing is the saturn ecotec....I don't think we have ever definatively established when the bell-housing bolt pattern changed (oops, hang on, let me take my Manta head off...)
OK, nothing as good as the XE here....but try a 3.1 V6 in an old Z24 cavalier for a nice growl...
rgds, Rob.
GM New!

Have a look at your local GM Performance Centre for this!


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what's the Gm performance centre?
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