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Hi all,

I looking to replace my 1971 4dr Ascona that I had many years ago. I moved and had to sell it along with other Opels. It was a great car, and it was a blast to drive; especially with DCOE 40's. I am feeling the need to find one again, for a toy to tinker with. :D

I would prefer a pre 1974, 2 or 4 door. I would like to think there is one hiding in someone's backyard somewhere in the Pacific NW.

Got any leads, let me know... :p

Greg Strejan
Portland, OR

1969 V6 60º GT Project

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I've got several Opels to choose from. And I'm pretty close to you(about an hour from Portland).

They are all cars I collected for spare parts for our stock cars, but some could be rebuilt for the street. The niceist one is a 75 Manta, then a 75 2 door FI 1900. There is a GT out here ,too. I also acquired a rough Manta and an older 4 door 1900 from ddoyle.(thanks again Dan, I'm about ready to cut one up for a new front clip for the Manta that Nick/we wrecked last summer).

If I could sell one of the nicer cars it would help finance my engine program. Let me know what you think.

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Email me I know someone with a nice Blue 4 door ascona for sale.
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