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looking for oil pressure sensor

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hey everybody, how are you doin'?

I got this nice control panel (from manta rally) for my manta. here some pictures of the same item for sale on Ebay:

ampmeter ok, clock ok but oil pressure, oopes I don't have his sensor. does anybody have this sensor for sale? can I use sensor from another modern car? serial number? any information will be great ...

p.s. I am parting out a 1972 1600cc manta. I have one rear window in great condition, exterior parts (wings, complete front or rear body parts), one passenger door (in fair condition). I also take special request before I am "cutting out" this car (I ran out of room).
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The gauges are VDO brand gauges so any halfway competent VDO agent in your local area should be able to match up a genuine sender for the gauges you have. Just have a look through the yellow pages or local trade directory for your area and I am sure you will find a VDO agent nearby. They even have agents waaay out in the Colonies here!
Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but all you need is a sensor from a GT. It has 2 terminals, one for the gauge and one for the light on the dash.
Dual terminal sensor.


You'll need a dual terminal VDO sender that will operate the warning light and the pressure sender. This is an item that was available on the Manta engines as well. Send me your address and I'll see if I can locate one in my parts. Were are you located that you have a 1.6L Manta? Those were typically Eurpoean the 1.6L head is worth hanging onto.

Good luck,
David McCollam said:
.....Where are you located that you have a 1.6L Manta? Those were typically Eurpoean the 1.6L head is worth hanging onto.
Dave, Looks like redroze is from Israel.
Opels in Israel


I lived the for almost 4 years and never saw a single Opel. Guess I should have looked more closely.
When I was there Opels of the newer variations were spotted. My favorite was a Kadette panel wagon I saw in downtown Haifa. Pic of it is in my gallery.
david, thanks a lot for the info. I sent you PM.

The manta and th GT sold here in very small numbers. today I know about 10 manta A, maybe 4 of them are drivable. I have 4 mantas, one for parts, one for everyday use and 2 waiting in line for restoration.

It's great to hear about people that already visit in Israel. it's a very nice place with very nice people. p.s. don't believe everything you see on CNN :eek: .
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