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· Ron in FL
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Oldie said:
Hi I am looking for other GT owners in the Indiana area. Would like to meet and work on cars.

Randall E. Black
Hi Randy,
There are a few of us "Hoosier Opelers" around. Check out this thread: http://www.opelgt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2796&highlight=indiana
I am in Zionsville, about 30 min NW of Indianapolis. I currently have a '70 GT, and recently sold my '73 GT to Paul up in Colfax.

Ron in Indy

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Hi Randy. I live in Colfax as Ron in Zionsville said and we are trying to get as many locals togeather as we can. Let us know where you are at. If you would like call me at 765-430-6921,cell phone. :D Paul

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i'm from southwest michigan, but indiana meets are no problem for me, as i've driven to both paul and billys house, and back home...........all in the same day even! car show and some wrenching included.
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