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Looking for Racing Seats to fit 1972 Opel GT

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I'm building a 72 Opel GT for Solo 2 and looking for racing seats that will adjust in the car.

We plan on having this as the family solo car.

I've looked on e-bay and need to find which type of seats will fit into the narrow space in the gt.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Not sure how much you want to spend, but I measured these and purchased them. Free shipping, and according to my measurements with the original seats, they should fit fine. Just need to get the seat rails. The rails can be slightly modified to bolt up into the stock seat bolts in the floor. You don't need an adapter kit, I bought the kit and the seat is too high. The seat should go directly on the adjuster rails, and the rails bolt to the floor. $640.00, no tax, no shipping. I looked around for a long time, couldn't beat the price for the quality. My GT is not put back together, but I did try the seat for size, seems to fit fine. By the way, I got the GTS II.


Take a look

Bob :)
Gridder, try this thread http://www.opelgt.com/forums/showth...age=15&highlight=miata seats&pagenumber=1#top. There's also this one http://www.opelgt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4007. There are a lot of good ideas in the first one, and in searching on ebay on the seats mentioned in those threads. I found a lot of racing seats available with 4 point harness' HTH, Jarrell
I can tell you that stock Porsche 914 seats fit well in terms of width and height off the floor. You can sometimes find a race modified 914 seat on eBay, or you could modify one yourself to get the high side bolsters. The seats are very light (fiberglass) made by Recaro. Alternatively, you can refine your search criteria for race seats that fit within narrow confines of a 914 (more popular)... since most manufacturers won't have Opel GT specs on file.

Btw, the older Porsche weave pattern is an exact match for the factory Opel GT door panels and seats. They must have used the same supplier.


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For a dedicated solo II car, you'll definately want to use a real racing seat instead of something from another car. The Corbeau Clubman mounts to the stock seat mounts/slides with little work and fits the space quite well. I merely slotted the mounting holes a little. As this seat is firmer than stock, the seating position is a bit higher. For me, at 6'2" it's too high with a helmet. I'll be working on revising the mounts in the body sometime in the next couple months. I'll post some pics when I get it done...

Which solo II class are you planing to run?

Ultrashield makes an aluminum racing seat for Spec Miata racecars which is made for smaller cars, and their 'Rally' model is also fairly compact. Not too expensive either....

Hi Travis

I will be running out here in the SF Region and hope to make it into th SP class.
Since I have a header, auto-cross cam and weber carb.

We have a practice run this weekend in Oakland, hope to get out to it.

Thanks everyone for all the inputs.
Unfortunately, the cam puts you in DP and the 2.0l puts you in one of the mod classes:(

The 2.0l won't be much of a performance advantage and won't be noticeable by the competition, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. The cam however, has the potential for a large advantage over the competition and will likely be noticable due to the sound.

You should look towards prepared....

Solo 2 Class

Hi Travis

thanks for you inputs. I really will be running for the fun of it with this car. My daughter will be 16 next month and will do most of the racing in it. I really plan on running it next year in our vintage race group.
Sorry for reviving a decade old thread, but I'm trying to find some nice seats for my 72' GT.
The cost for recovering my existing seats is $379 so I figured I could just get some fancy new seats instead.
I like the Corbeau Clubman seats, but I'd rather have something that looks a little different. I really am looking for an orange and black, or black and white racing seat. I don't have any problem with drilling new holes in the "box" that the stock seat sits on, but I don't want to make a custom bracket.
Here's some ideas of the style I'm looking at.
Thanks for any help you can give.
Top 22" width might hit the side door window glass in the GT?


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Top 22" width might hit the side door window glass in the GT?
Oh I forgot to mention. My car will have no windows or top.
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