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If I were in the market for another GT, AND if I could stand a purple GT (I can't) I would strongly consider the 70 for sale in Fort Worth.

It is only a few hours from me. I don't like purple cars (at least this one is a bit muted) and I STILL keep giving it a look. Already has a boat load of the upgrades that many of us would want: slightly stronger engine, upgraded flywheel and clutch, lowering spring in the front, getrag 5 speed. And it comes with a bunch more parts many of us would want, like sway bars.

You would spend a lot of money just doing all the upgrades to get where this car already is. Assuming the body work was done right (and it appears to be) that rear spoiler treatment is one of the few non stock rear spoiler treatments that looks really good. As Gordo put it; droolworthy.

Seller seems like a stand up guy and has provided what looks like a really honest descriptions. Frankly, if I hadn't promised my wife I would sell one of the current herd before buying another, I would probably be negotiating right now. I think he offered it on this site for $11k before listing on ebay. Anyone want to buy a cherry AMG SL55? I hardly ever drive it?
Lynn, I'll just swap you for the AMG straight up!!!!!
41 - 44 of 44 Posts