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I trade yardwork for garage space. It's about 11 miles from where I live but it is a garage for the manta so it is not a bad deal.

Today I was there at the garage but not in it, nor working on the Manta. I was busy power washing the house where the garage is. I always take my dog with me to Opeldome, which is what I call the place where the garage is.

The dogs name is Titus I always play up going to Opeldome with the dog and call him Titus the Opel dog. He likes Opeldome cause there is a yard for him which where I live we don’t have.

Because the dog is still a puppy (6months old) and a pretty rambunctious fellow (he is a black lab/pit bull fox terrier border collie mix) I don’t let him in the garage he gets to play in the yard instead.

Well I was powerwashing away which is noisy wet work. The dog spent some time trying to bite the water and then chewing the hose but eventually got bored and wandered off while I was in the back yard washing the back of the house.

Twice while I was doing the front he escaped and led me on a not so merry chase across a busy street. He thinks it’s a game, I of course was very worried that he would get hit while I was trying to catch him. Anyway after putting him in the fenced backyard the second time and totally blocking the gate I got back to power washing. After about a half an hour I noticed that it was very quite…. Too quite..
Where was the dog?

I turned off the power washer and went to look for the dog. He was not in the back yard! I looked down the street to the left and right and started checking neighbor’s yards. After about ten minutes I was really worried and mad too cause the power washer was rented for only 4 hours and the job was bigger than I thought.... time was money here.

I thought how to explain the lost dog to the ol' ball and chain?!/!??… that was not going to be fun. I check the back yard again and noticed the door to the garage was open. I looked in and didn’t see anything but the manta and the engine hoist. I checked the yard again..

Then I heard a growling sound but it didn’t sound like a dog’s normal growl.. this was a happy play growl. It was intermittent (like the fire on my number one spark plug wire) I would hear it then it would stop. I stood and listened, it was going on for a long time. i thought it was coming from between the side of the garage and the fence so i looked there..nothing. I looked back in the garage.. Nothing there but the manta, a hoist and a rolled up carpet.

Suddenly I heard the sound again! It was coming from in the Manta!

The dog was inside the manta in the driver’s seat! He had its paws on the dash and the mono steering wheel in his mouth and he was shaking the wheel back and forth and making noises. He ignored me completely and was dead intent on the wheel. It really looked like he was driving the manta! And the growls sure sounded like he was pretending to go through the gears!!! All I can say is; I wish that I had had a camera. It was the darnedest thing. I have no idea how he managed to get the garage door open much less the door to the car but there he was, pleased as punch, with a big grin on his snout there in the drivers seat. :D

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Calvin, that is a great story. I'm glad I read it to the end. I would be very sad to hear someone had lost "a member of the family". It would have been fantastic to have a video camera to take of that incident. Glad there was a happy ending to the story. :D
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