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Lower Ball Joint Fixes

I got an email from a member whose ball joint mount holes in the front lower A-arm were wallowed out. This is not an un-common problem when the GT is pushed hard in corners. So I thought I would post my reply for everyone to see

We have two "good" fixes for the lower control arms. Fir$t is to replace them with tubular arm$. Tubular A-arm$ are be$t, but only the very mo$t $eriou$ will want the$e.

The second is to weld in "screw in" ball joint receptacles. In both of these cases you would have to modify the upright to accept the new "screw in" ball joints. A reamer is available. (I have to give credit to Rally Bob for this one as he passed it on to me many years ago).

There is a third fix that we have used in ITB where we were not allowed the either of the above. We simply welded in new "stock" ball joints and went racing. This lasted and worked very well. Just be sure you have an expert welder and don't use any more heat than is necessary to properly weld the ball joint in place.

Weasel Words ---> You perform any of these modifications at your own risk. These ideas for modifications are intended for off highway use and controlled closed courses only. TGSI Racing and dp MotorSports will not guarantee the roadworthiness or safety of any modifications suggested.
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