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hey guys i was woundering about limited slip i am hoping to do some autox and drifting and would like the lsd any thoughts on this i know the gt isnt the best car for drifting i dont plan on doing it alot just kinda for fun with some friends so any help would be great thanx
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I recently purchsed a NOS ZF posi-traction unit from an OGTS contact in England for my GT V-6/T-5 modification. The cost was about $1200 including shipping and additional $235 to have the local rear-end pros install the unit in my housing. I understand there are more units available, some from Quaife, at least they promised to make a run for the Opels. the used ZF units in England for should go for around $600 to include shipping, at least that what I was told on the phone. Martin , the contact in England is extremely courteous and helpful. He makes runs to Germany as necessary to get parts. HTH

I moved this thread to the "Performance > Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades " heading. If you look around here (and in the Racers Forum"), or do a search for "LSD" or "Limited Slip", there are lots of threads related to this subject.

Here's a search for "LSD":

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