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Luggage rack

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What percentage of GTs shipped from the manufacturer with luggage racks? Or was this a dealer add on? I'd like opinions on if the rack is desireable, adds value, etc.
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Ok, with the caveat that I know nothing: :)

I would surmise that the luggage rack was an add on. As to value, i don't really think it would add value. I realllly don't care for em myself. I look at it this way: would you add a luggage rack to a '69 Jag XKE? Probably nope.
The "correct" luggage racks were from AMCO, now out of production. There are a few that pop up on EBAY every now and then, make sure you get all the hard ware. As for Jags with them, I have seen far more Jags WITH racks than without, as a Jag does have a whole lot of trunck space to begin with. I also like the Sportwagon with a roof rack, dresses it out nicely.
How can you identify the AMCO rack? The fellow I bought my '72 from is sending me a rack off of another '72 that is totaled.
go to the thread about "vinyl top" and you'll see it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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