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While my current Manta is a Rallye model, one of my previous ones was a Luxus, complete with AC and sunroof, both of which I still have. My question for the group is: if a Manta was equipped with all the feature boxes checked, ala Luxus, but also with the Rallye package, which badges did it wear? Were there models badged with both? What all was special about the one that might over-ride the other?
Thanks all!

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The Luxus (in the US, not the UK) will always be dark blue, dark burgundy, or silver. Interior will be dark blue (with blue paint) or dark burgundy (with burgundy or silver paint) corduroy instead of vinyl, and it will have carpets to match the seat color, matched door panels in vinyl/corduroy/carpet, a faux wood dash panel, faux wood door trim (with real plywood beneath it!), carpeted trunk instead of vinyl, the aforementioned larger arm rests, door locks set into the door panel with chromed plastic surrounds, etc.

Never heard of a Luxus with a black hood/stripes, or with a 3.67 rear axle. Gauges could be dealer-added though, as could the A/C, underhood light, glove box interior light, etc.


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Sportwagon75 said:
I've heard the Blue Max was always automatic and had every available option. Did they ALWAYS have a sunroof? Also...what years were the Blue Max imported?
A/C was a dealer option, it had the clock and not the tach. As it had an Automatic and didnt need the Tach.

In short the special things are:

1) It is in almost all ways a Blue Luxus (They were Regency Blue not Strato Blue though). Down to the carpet in the trunk, light in glove box and engine bay, Clock, cloth interior, etc..

2) Yet it always has Sunroof

3) Has a special Blue Vinyl Roof.

4) Always has an Automatic.

5) Always in Strato Blue

A/C, Passenger Mirror, were options and not part of the package.

The "Blue Max" decals were 90% of the time never placed on the cars, and the ones that did have them installed thier has yet to be a consensus as to where they were intended to go. This is since the brochure does not even show the decals on the "sample". I had thought maybe they removed the Luxus logos and replaced them with the Blue Max one. But the brochure shows the Luxus emblems on the car.

Only made in mid-73' They have the 73' bumpers but the Ac/Delco Master Clyinder. Someone quoted a number of only 500, but I have not seen anything that proves or shows a "production number". All the info I have on them is from other Blue Max owners and the one little brochure.

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If you want to know about he UK spec "Luxus"


In March 1974, a model called the Luxus was introduced, featuring a vinyl roof, sliding sunroof, nylon cloth upholstery, sports wheels, headrests, driver's door mirror and the 1.9S engine. It was available in either Signal Red or Signal Blue. 400 were produced (along with 400 four door Asconas).
To quote the original sales literature:

"We built just 400 each (Ascona A & Manta A) of these cars, so it is highly unlikely that you will see another one in your area".

Identifying Features

Only available in Signal Red
1900cc engine
Black vinyl interior
Headrests on front seats
White headlining & sun visors
Black carpet
Black vinyl roof
Crank operated sun roof
Plain steering wheel
Dashboard clock
H1 Halogen headlamps
13 x 5.5J Sports wheels (rostyle)
Stingray badge on front wings
"1900" badge on front wings
3.44 - 1.00 rear axle

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Charles says mine's a Luxus...

I'm no expert, but Charles says mine is a Luxus. It is Regency Blue, is an automatic, appears the center console was replaced with a black one. The door inside trim pieces are black, probably replaced. The carpet and upholstery and roof liner is blue. It does not have the guage package of the Rallye and does have the clock. (Still works but wish it was a tach) It does not have a sunroof in it and the vinyl top is white, not Blue. It does not have any markings or emblems that would identify it as a Luxus model. It's a 1973. I have the original owners manual and it does not refer to it as a Luxus or a 73 and a half.

Pictures are posted in the members gallery. Oh well, it runs like a champ and I'm just glad to have it.


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UK Luxus numbers...

Well I can account for 2 out of the 400......
Totalled one when I was a teenager.....
and loaded one into a 40' container which is on it's way to Toronto as we speak... :) ....along with my Broadspeed Turbo... :D

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Sorry Joe,
No pics until they arrive...all I have just now are 10 year old pics before they went into storage... :(

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1) It is in almost all ways a Blue Luxus (They were Regency Blue not Strato Blue though). Down to the carpet in the trunk, light in glove box and engine bay, Clock, cloth interior, etc..

5) Always in Strato Blue
Know I'm really confused...:thinking:

Regency Blue - MFG. PAINT CODE 204KK

Strato Blue Metallic - MFG. PAINT CODE 235HH

Signal Blue - MFG. PAINT CODE 224
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