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I recently realized why my center bulbs never illuminated: It's missing the brights relay.

Does anyone know the part number? Is it even available?
If not, if there is a replacement part available? If yes, what's THAT p/n?

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Do you have the earlier Manta A? The use of the relay changed per the schematics from earlier to later years. (But IDK 100% on the accuracy of the schematics either!)

BTW, does your high beam indicator come on? That is an indication that the dimmer switch on the dash is working. If that dimmer switch does not work, then no high beams, working relay or not....

Per the schematics:
  • In the earlier Manta A, the center high beam only filaments are driven from the relay. The high beam filaments in the outer lamps are driving direct from the dimmer switch on the steering column.
  • In the later Manta A, it gets reveresed. The center high beam only filaments are lit directly from the dimmer switch in the steering column. The high beam filament in the outer lamps (low/high beam lamps) are the only filaments that are driven from the relay in the later models.
  • The GM relay PN is 1238611. Good luck with that! But this relay type is not hard to get.....
  • This is a simple SPST relay, probably rated at 30A continuous current, and has the 'A type' contact arrangement. An old Hella PN is 003510-08, if I looked this up right.
  • There are common ones out there in any auto store, many with a 'B type' pin arrangement, but you can use with your present relay connector and wires if you swap a couple of the pins around.
    • Buy a SPST, 4 terminal relay with the following pin numbers on it: 30, 85, 86, and 87
    • Re-arrange the wiring to the relay connector as follows:
      • Red to 30 (+12v in unfused power from battery)
      • Single white to 87 (+12v out to your center high beam filaments for an early Manta)
      • Brown to 85 (Ground from the relay coil)
      • The 2 white wires in one terminal, or a white wire plus a white/black wire, to 86. (12v to activate the relay coil. This is the high beam power feed to the outer lamp high beam filaments, which is used to activate this relay.)
  • There are other relays with the right terminal arrangement but I cannot find it right now.
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