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I have a 74 manta, which i have restored...

But i can't remember (well, i can't figure it out..) where is the first anchoring point for the seatbelt. Note, 74 has a B pillar, where the 2nd point; i saw, that manta which doesn't have a B pillar has the seatbelt-drum hidden behind the interior trim and upper fixing point also in height of trim; mine has holes also on the bottom of the b pillar (if i put the drum there it interferes with the rear seats), and one on the floor (there it interferes with passengers entering in the back of the car)...

i'll try to get a digital camera and take a few pictures, because i guess that it is hard to get my problem only through the words ;)

if anyone has a picture of the whole seatbelt and how it is installed it would be excellent; I don't even know if my seatbelts are original - it says japan on them (!)...

thanks for help!


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The mounting points on the Manta/Sportwagon/Sedan are:
1) down on the trans tunnel towards the end of the console.
2)the bottom corner of the door toward the back seat.
3)on the 71-73 models, it's just below the window level straight up from mounting point #2. 74-75 models it's further up on the "B" pillar.
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