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Greetings All - For those who are waiting on the Manta stripe kits...here is a status update. The NOS stripe kit and 'Sportwagon' decals have been sent to the graphics reproduction shop. I expect that within a couple weeks my man will have a 'per-kit' price for me along with a bulk order price. When I have those numbers, I'll be in touch with everyone who expressed an interest. At that time I'll make arrangements for payment. If he's willing...I may just have everyone send their money directly to the graphics shop to save time. For folks who may not have heard...these are reproduction kits for the stripes that were offered as a dealer option on the 1975 model year
Manta. You can see them in the original poll question at the following link:


I'm also having the 'Sportwagon' decal reproduced. These are nice to have if you're repainting your beloved Opel...since NOS copies are nearly impossible to find. The good news is...my guy says he'll keep the pattern on file so they may be ordered on request in the future. However...anyone who wants a set should take advantage of the bulk order rate coming soon. I'll keep everyone posted. -SD
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