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We will see if a 1973 Manta can take down the 2.3 BMW Z3.

Around $6500.00 Vs $33.000.00. Opel wins the bang for your buck hands down.

I know it can stomp the 1.9 Z3. http://www.z3roadster.com/r19.html
I hope that the new set up can skunk the 2.3 Z3. http://www.z3roadster.com/r23.html The engines are close. Club day is coming.

These should help. It was Xmas in June today as the pair of spanking new Weber DCO 48ies arrived from the East and the new oil sending unit and front spoiler arrived from OGTS the west. The roller rockers arrived last Friday The L block is ready to go. Larger valves, Lighter springs and more unshouding have been added.. The cam has been toned down a skoech from 486 lift to 430 as Bob indicated there could be flow problems above 440. There is longer adv. duration (270 vs 236) and the Sep is 108 Vs 110 on the old cam. The current head with smaller valves and DCOE 45 had on a stock Euro 2.4 Dynoed at 135hp at the rear wheels so with the roller set up bigger valves, the 305 Chevy Legere style .1.9 conversion and the DCO 48ies. I am hoping for 150hp at the rear wheels. It is hoped that the Manta it will be competitive with the 2.3 Z. To insure victory a foxtail has been added to the Antenna and we will try and coax someone like Fred Stout into the drivers seat for added insurence.

Thanks to Cam Techniques Fl cam
Crankshaft Craftsmen Mi Crank
Rodgers Opel Engineering CA head
Peak Performance Mo block and head
Summit Racing parts
Pierce Manifolds Ca
OGTS Ca parts (many)
Stan S. NM Car
Bob L Vt not possible without
Greg N Ma made possible, dist, clutch, flywheel
Dave S Pa head
Bob H Ca suspention
Opelbits everything else


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"Everything else"? All I did was 'redundant parts disposal' ;) !

We haven't talked in a while....are you employed again?

Where/when should I send money for the 40's?
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