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Most here already know that every Opel 1.0/1.1 OHV engine, Kadett or GT, used single or dual, one-barrel carbs with manual chokes exclusively, but maybe don't know that the 1.5 CIH engines, used only in the '68 Kadetts, also used a manual choke carb, albeit a 1.5-specific two-barrel Solex.

These manual chokes are all operated by a "Bowden" (solid wire) cable with a knob at the steering column - pull out to enable choke, push in to disable choke - a basic, reliable choke system.

Early on, when I was first considering using my sprint dual DFO intake in my Kadett, I realized that I'd have to use some sort of manual choke system here as well. The first piece I needed was the choke cable from an OHV engined model. Most suggested just to get a universal, aftermarket choke cable.

Considering all the effort I took to make my conversion as original and all Opel as possible, I just couldn't see implementing the choke without the original cable . . . especially considering the unique choke symbol on the knob. Just wouldn't look right without it!

Stephen finally found one in his stash some time ago and sent it to me. The knob was understandably somewhat worn after some forty odd years of use and the choke symbol was hardly recognizable on the black knob. I cleaned what little white paint remained of the choke symbol inlay and then repainted it.

When I received the cable from Stephen, I saw that there was no retainer nut on the threaded shaft end at the choke knob and just went looking for one. I also noticed that the choke cable had a very coarse, M12x1.5 thread. Went to look for a thin nut to fit it and couldn't come up with anything but a regular "fat" nut . . . not happy.

Put it aside for a while as I had other irons in the fire. Got to looking at it today to consider what mounting alternatives I could come up with, and finally actually removed the rubber plug from the factory mounting spot next to the left side of the steering column. DOH!!! :pat:

Immediately saw that it was a THREADED hole, not just stamped to be used with a retaining nut! . . . well, this "old dog" just learned another "new trick!"
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