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I really need to know the Michigan laws on Streetglow, Interior Neons, AND Window Tinting! Web pages would help, but arnt needed! Thanks a TON - Jon

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Sup Buddy,
I am a local Michigan guy here. and have dealt in the Sport Compact tuner scene for a few years so i can help you out a little..

For tint back three you can go as dark as you want no regulations on those three windows. Heres the killer the front sides and windshielf you can only have a 6 inch banner at the top of the windows. that is how the law reads basicly. (not exactly sure it is 6 inches but somethign about like 5-7 in there.) But if you have the front two and get pulled over.. then can prove to the court that you removed the tint they will drop the ticket.

Now with your neons questions they are completely legal to have interior and exterior but cannot be running while the car is in motion. i believe this is true for interiors as well and i know it is true for exterior glow sticks.

Now I have never dealt with neon laws to much but i am pretty sure that is how they read. frankly i just don't like them on my rides so i never deal with it as a legal problem.

Tint though is somewhat enforced and somewhat not. I have had back three limo tinted and sides just a shade lighter witha 8 inch windshield banner and spray tinted my tail lights (like those stupid GTO covers only it is paint on the actuall taillight made under the name nite shades) on my Cougar for about the past 6 months without even a second look from a cop. (which is rare becuase usually i attract cops like flies in that car). I have multiple other friends that have the same baisc tint on differen't makes and models and Mod levels and only one that i know of has ever had a real problem. and he got pulled over for it a few times.

So take this info as you will and drop me a line sometime i am from MI where you located in this state?

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I've been on the receiving end of door window tinting in Michigan (U.P) and Minnesota. From what I was told both laws are the similar. The legal limit on the drivers and passenger windows is 50% tint and the windows behind the driver is unrestricted.The window has to let 50% of the light through ( they have a neat little guage that tests this)so using 50% tint will make you illegal because most windows have a very slight tint to them already. In my case 50% tinting put me at 54% overall and I got a $79 ticket (in Minnesota)for my oversight. The Michigan cop just made a comment to me but did not give me a ticket. I don't tint my side windows at all any more.

Neon's are legal to have on while you drive in one case only! The only color visible from the side and front can be amber and the only visible color from the rear must be red. Fun Huh? I produced neon kits about 12 years back and went through a long legal battle over the lights, and of course the state won. It put me out of business.
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