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Midwest Opel owners or those passing through!

In addition to what John said about gathering of the Midwest Opel’s in Springfield IL 9/26-9/28 at the route 66 fest. In addition to about 1000 muscle cars and rods parked on the street there is also a street festival and a art fair. Cars on the blocked off steets and an art fair on the sidewalks! Which is a great thing for those who can only take some much peering at shiny chrome valve covers and hearing car stories (like my girlfriend) so they can have something else to look at in addition to all the Opel’s and other cars.

There are also 5 free bands both Friday and Saturday night and here is the official web sight for the event, which is a big one.


Check it out it looks like fun and it would be great if we could get 20 or so Opel’s I think we can raise 5 out of the STL area, one out of Farmington and a couple out of downstate IL. It’s only about 5 hours for the KC folks and the folks in Northern Ark might consider it to. Springfield is about one hour north of St Louis. The hotels in Springfield start at about 45 up and there are several more on the outskirts of the STL area about 30 minutes from Springfield that are not really to bad (Best westerns and whatnot) that clock in at $39 a night. Please note this is a BIG event and there will 1000's of people there.

For all of us in the middle of the USA who miss Carlisle, Boston and the West coast Opel event’s because of time and distance this would be a good one for us Midwesterners to plant the flag. Anybody coming from the West (KS) or South (TN or AK) and need a staging point, help, directions or want to parade up with us From STL feel free to call (314) 645-5776 or email me at [email protected]

I am going to going with the Manta even if I don’t get it painted by then. On a differant note there is an autcross coming up the 8/17 at Gateway International Raceway in STL if anyone else is interested.


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Just to assist you along on the gathering of Midwest Opelers;

Here is the Midwest Car show site. It has listing for the different states with shows, dates, times, fees, and any other information.

I've already sent in the entry form for the Merriam, KS show in September. My two teenagers will love it.


There is another show the weekend after for cars vintage 1972 and older.

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GF's father and I just bought 2 opels from a neighbor here south of KC. If we can mange to get the bugs out by then, we are thinking it may be a good time to try a longer road trial and meet some new people. Will try to keep updated on progress. Sounds like a good time.
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