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Son of a Birch! I just saw Mike Notigan's red '73 GT. It's mint condition with only a couple rust specks and a ding or two, but other than that it's still got it's original paint and everything else. One week and you'd be all done fixing it up. Dang it! He told me that it was just lanquishing in the back yard with parts falling off of it. I envisioned every nook and cranny jammed with soggy leaves and field mice and more wires hanging down under the dash than were originally behind it. He was even going to sell it a while back! It's even pictured in the suspension section of the OGTS catalog!

I hate him now.

I've never owned a GT that mint. I've never met anyone in Jersey with a GT that mint. If my Red Baron GT was that nice to begin with, I never would have made it the Red Baron. I've spent $10-$15K each on 2 GT's in my life and they weren't as good when I got done as his is now.

I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!

And he has the gall to say that he's not planning on going to Carlisle! That's just plain selfish! Stop thinking about your needs and start thinking about your Opel's needs, Mike! It wants to meet it's long lost brothers and sisters. Keeping it all to yourself is just wrong!

I urge everyone to call Mike a boogerhead if he doesn't show up at Carlisle.

This officially begins Mike's restoration thread. Since he won't start restoring it without some serious motivation, here it is. Ya hear dat, Mike!?! Now git offer yer ass and stop sanding Dave's car and start sanding yer own. :yup:

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Damn! Gordon called you out Mike! Don't listen to what he says, keep sanding my car! lol Besides you need to practice so we can do our GT's next.

Yes his GT is very nice, except for that newly formed 1 inch crack in his dash from last years heat wave. With a lettle extra TLC you'll have a very nice GT with all the parts you're scounging!
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A First: Your own restoration thread........started by someone else!!!

Gordon, Thomas, Dave, et all,
Gordon, I'm blushing and just flattered about right now! As you may have gathered by now, I'm someone who likes to lay low in the weeds. I'm flattered by the kind remarks, even the proclamations of hate towards yours truly!:veryhappy But really, the true compliments should go towards Charlotte, the previous owner in Salinas, CA. She's the one who bought the GT new in 73 and kept it going all those years until the day came when she decided to sell her. I'm most positive that she is not a member of OpelGT.Com, but I just want to let her know that the car is in good hands like I told her it would be that day in May of 2002 when she signed the title over to me. I never kept in contact with her, but I think of her everytime I look at that car. I laugh at all the dings and dents in her and wonder how they came about. I'll look at every service repair invoice she saved......(I never knew Opel GT Source was once in Canoga Park, CA!). I remember the original Radio Shack starter relay that was installed in the car......it was so old that the relay was once whiteor gray, but faded out from the engine heat over the years and it made me think that the starter relay trick was an old Opel trick that has been around awhile. The exhaust was changed out by Midas in the mid-80's and has a lifetime warranty. Would they not get a laugh if I were to show up at a local Midas and ask them to honor that warranty way back in the Reagan Years when he was telling Mr Gorbachev to "tear down that wall!" Ditto the Midas brakes and shocks! The dash was crack free for 38 years until a stretch of New Jersey 105 degree days started a half inch crack near the driver defroster vent last summer. I could have cried that day!

No, I'm flattered by all the kind remarks, but honestly, there are other cars more nicer then mine out there. It all boils down to the fact that we are nothing but caretakers for our cars and it's up to us to tend to their needs when required, including getting them out on the road where "Only Flying Is More Beautiful". One day, with luck, I will be in the same position where Charlotte was in 2002 and it will be my time to hand the keys over to someone who will cherish the GT like I did and how Charlotte once did. I kind of like to keep that perspective on things, we are nothing but caretakers for these little jewels of a car.....

Gordon, the pleasure was all mine, believe me! The restoration thread will one day start, but for now, it's back to sanding Dave's Manta in the anticipation of one day soon actually spraying a thing called "paint" on her flanks! Our goal is to earn the coveted "Most improved Manta" at Carlisle.......I have a feeling our partner in crime, Pat from Freeland will have locked up that Most Improved GT award......in addition to grabbing the Opel Rookie Of The Year award!:yup::veryhappy

Take Care,
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