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A new Classifieds program was just released and it is being debugged. There is a problem with the photo thumbnails. Once that is running smooth, the ad board on OpelGT.com will be closed and this page will become the main portal for OpelGT.com.

Also the Members Photo Gallery has been updated. It is still in the Beta release but the "Beta 6" version will load much faster. (Or so I'm told) and a full release is pending. I still like the regular "Photo Gallery" program but the members allows for individual uploads.

I've located a kick-ass FAQ program that will intergrate with this program nicely. It may be more user friendly, i.e. member uploads, then the Opel Encyclopedia module. The Vb search feature is great but it will be nice to have those common questions that keep popping up in one area.

Look for these enhancements in the coming weeks. Keep those comments coming!
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