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If you haven´t been to my Opel Manta site and own a Opel Manta. I have more than just parts.

I have a technical library with all the exploded illustrations I could find. Covering about every aspect of the Manta. Most will print in extremely fine detail. I also have the early (71-73), middle (74´ w/ seat belt system) and late 75´ (With F.I.) wiring diagrams in full color for you to download and print. Last but not least I also have some basic tech info there as well.

That all said, what more could I post to the site? I have a library here of ads, magazine reviews, etc.. would you like me to post them as well? What else can you thinkof that I could possibly add to the site to make it more than a parts store.

If you own a Opel Manta or are planning too, I want you to be able to go to the site and find anything you need to help you restore your car.
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