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Opel GT Source(OGTS) stocks all of the mufflers you require for your GT.

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I didn't like the sound of the stock GT muffler, so when it fell off and left me with an open exhaust, I wasn't too upset. But eventually my neighbors commented, so I spent an afternoon putting a "Turbo" muffler on. I paid $20 for the muffler from Auto-Zone for their smallest muffler, which has a 2" pipe. I figured it wouldn't be too much trouble to get a couple of couplers and then expand and reduce pipe diameters as necessary.

It came out terrible. I had to make a second trip back to the store for more reducers, and even then I had expand, reduce, trim, file and weld a great deal more than anticipated to get the 1.5" diameter stock pipe to mate with the 2" pipe on the muffler. I also had to push the muffler towards the rear of the car because the body of the muffler was hitting the passenger side bracket for the e-brake. Now it hits the spring cup, and doesn't leave me enough room to get an over-the-axle pipe in there. The sound isn't great, it's neither real quiet like a stock muffler, nor bravado like the open exhaust was.

Bottom line, unless you are going to go full custom, replace it with the stock components from OGTS. It will be a great deal easier to install, sound clean and quiet, and cheaper in the long run.

If you are interested in going with a non-stock setup, their is a great thread by "Bucky" and a few others. If I remember correctly, he even posted a sound clip of the finished product. A search will turn that up for you.

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sommit raing has 2 mufflers that fit perfectly and sound great. they are 11" long so they will actually fit very nicely under the car. 99% of all other oval mufflers are at least 13" long. it is amazing how much 2" counts when trying to fit it in under the car. anyways, the DynoMax is about $52 and the Thrush is $18. not sure on #'s but just ask for one that has the 11" case and make them do the work. i have the DynoMax.

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Try these # at Autodrone
The other day I found a place that got the original exhaust system for my GT from the resonator back to the chrome tips from Borsal. If I had the part #'s they would have been cheeper by $40.00 U.S. at auto drone (but the center pipe was more)
Any way here are the #'s(Leave off dashes)
Center pipe(over axle) = 719-582 - paid $14.65
Resonator = 185-582 - paid $92.40
Rear muffler w/chrome tips on = 185-580 - paid $93.40
Gasket manifold to pipe = 256-557 - paid $2.55
Auto trans rear seal = 9613s - paid $1.60
the parts are great and OEM specs
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