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Well today was a glorious day. I got in my shipment of used opel parts from Opeljunkyard, and began the last few items left on my to do list.

Horn....check (thanks to all who helped on this) honk honk


Turn signal....check (broke the ring on the column on the last one)

Brakes......check (changed brake switch)

Get in my car, start it up, vroom vroom, then off through the neighborhood I go, waving and honking at all the neighbors who thought "she'll never get it working) and "what is that funny looking car she fusses over all the time"

I truely had an Opel moment!

As I pulled back into my garage, all proud and head high,
the moment ended and the true Opel I have come to know so well, showed its ugly head. I stopped, turned the key off, and the engine kept on going, and going and going. By the time I pulled everything off that could possible stop it, it just died

Thank heaven I was in the garage!!(where no one could see me)

Back to the drawing board.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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