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my 2.4 swap

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as previously said, i converted my stock `74 GT/J 1.9s to a c24ne engine. donor engine came out a omega a which i purchased as a whole car.
I used the transmission from the omega.

it is my first car and also my first project...


- block is painted in 2k/heat resistent paint.
- shortened and balanced drive shaft with a range rover piece in it (dont know how to say this) so the driveshaft can move in length
- inlet manifold is from a 2.0 cih and the inlet runners were carved out to improve flow and to make it fit to the head and gasket of the 2.4
- basic head porting, just making it smoother
- shifting mechanism was made whith retention of the original stick and it`s position.
- wiring harnass was used from the 2.4-motronic
- injectorrail and gasvalve from the 2.4 engine were used
- oilpan and oil suction tube from a 1.9s engine were used
- changed the dipstick position to the other side of the engine mount
- air inlet tube is custom made to fit the air mass meter and the stationairy system
- k&n air filter
- tank was removed and a retour line system was made in it
- new fuel lines from plastic
- used the fuel pump from the omega (yes there are some early types which had a external one!)
- used a cooling fan from spal and thermo sending unit from a bmw 8 series opens @92 degrees celcius
- custom exhaust whith a rear muffler from suselbeek
- re painted the engine bay, new fire wall,sparks,plugs,rotor,gaskets replaced, etc, etc.

the pictures are in my profile, you can check them at pics of engine and car
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