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my exhaust sound clip

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well, it was 12 degrees at 2 am when this video was taken, first time its been started in two weeks, i'll be posting a nother video in a few hours of how it sounds free reving.


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doesn't work for me, when i open the zip it says nothing is in it..... :confused:
This should do it. (I resized and re-encoded at a smaller bit-rate to come in under the max file size).


Sounds good jared. Nice idle, two thumbs up. If it runs like it sounds, I'm jealous. I did see the picture of the top end speed, so I'm envious. Jarrell
thank you brian for posting a file people can look at. not exactly the computer litterate guy behind this keyboard. thanks for the thumbsup soybean!
Ends of the Earth

Hey! I can hear ( and see ) that idle all the way Down Under - neat :cool:
sounds good

even in the winter

Sounds great!! Details on components and such?
stock low compression bottom end, 80,000 miles, never touched bottom end
290H schneider regrind cam .435 lift, .230 duration @.050
32/36 downdraft weber
tubular header, stock size pipe, no muffler, just rear resignator
pertronix, acell 8 MM wires with NGKs
electric fan if you want to account whatever that makes.

soon to have a torquer/hotstreet combo intake manifold.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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