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I posted this on the Classic Opels site as well, but I'm hoping 2 heads (or websites) are better than 1.

I've always known that I have some electrical woes (intermittent
radio, intermittent signals, double yellow lights on the dash lights,
blue brights light stays on, etc... ) that I was hoping to tackle this
spring, but after I started her up today, more things worked than ever
did in the two years she's lived in my garage.

The radio came on (playing oldies no less) & the most bizarre of them
all was that the fuel guage worked for the first time EVER since I had

Now I know that this isn't a page out of "Christine", but this is weird!

So now that I know that more things work in this car than I ever
thought before, does anybody have any suggestions as to where do I
start on figuring out my electrical problems.

I do have one of JJ Wheatley's Electrical schematics, but "WHERE DO I

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
72 GT
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