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My history with the Kadett

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I just bought the GT I couldn't afford when I was a kid but I did have a Kadett. Well I had the one my mother burn up the engine in because my Dad never changed the oil. So, for my junior year in HS I was told I could have the Kadett if I wanted to rebuild the engine, with my own money of course. So I did rebuild it and used it as a driver to HS everyday. The only problem was I was 17 and needed HorsePower! How ya gonna impress the girls with no HP? Well, as long as you can "scratch" third gear you got power... right? My kadett got second and third gear "rubber" regulary. HOW, you ask.... well, my buddy had a firm grip in the Emergency brake lever..... at every shift he took over and locked the back wheels and then released them, giving a very convincing squeal. Tough on the car? You bet... but the chicks loved it and the guys couldn't figure out how we did it. That was a fun little car, I have several stories about it.
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i have a new GT, i can get second everytime i try, but never before have i been able to get third..........thanks for the tip i'll finally get it!!!!! LOL.........jk, i dont wanna be that hard on the car.
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