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In todays Greensboro newspaper was a story about safety inspections. If your car is 35 years old or older no safety inspection is required now...if it's 25 or older no emission check. The change for cars 35 took effect Oct 1, but this is the first I have heard of it.

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If you live in PA you have 3 choices for your car.

Run regular plates, annual inspection, emissions and registration required

If it is 15yrs or older, you can have classic plates, inspection & emissions required, but no registration(permanent registration), some limits on how often you can drive it

If it is 25 yrs or older, you can have antique plates, no inspection or registration required(permenant registration). More restrictions on where you can drive it.

Since I don't even put 1000 miles on it a year and I have recently replaced everything on it they check for inspection, I went with the antique plates. I know it is safe, I don't need to pay the state to tell me the same

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You folks have some wierd registration rules back there. Here it's simple, you register the car, pay an annual fee, smaller as the car gets older, and you drive it, no restrictions. If you get personalized plates, you pay a one time fee, then the fee is the same as any other car. Cars over 30 years no smog requirements. Simple. :D

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If your car is older than 1974 you can use the "year of manufacturer" plates as the antique plates in VA. Only one hitch.. the number has to be available.

The reason for the 74 cut off date is that no plates after that time have the year on them. ALTHOUGH a truck plate has 75 on it.. problem is the rare VA 1975 plate is that as far as I can tell it was only issued as a single plate (In VA we run front AND Rear plates). I have 3 75' VA plates, and not matching partner for it.. so I coudl never register a 75 on those plates.

I do have a set of NOS 73 plates for the Blue Max.

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