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Need Advice on Presale Lookover

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I found an Opel GT (finally) that is near-ish to me. I am going to go look it over but I need to know what to look for first. This is my first Opel and I am the stereotypical car-clueless chick (I admit it). Here is what I've been told by the seller:

'73 Opel GT
Factory Carb
Carpet in the back is "ok"
No Carpet in front - floormats
No Rust
No Wrecks
Garaged for 20 years
4 speed
No original radio - Pioneer Super Tuner
Motor "good"
Tranny "good"
Headlights work
All gauges work
dash has a cover over it
seats have the old vinyl on them some cracks
Just had the gas tank removed and cleaned and re-lined
Put on a new fuel sender and all new fuel lines with an in-line filter

The asking price is $2000

I looked at the photos and it looks like its in good shape outside cosmetically.

What do I need to know? THANKS MANY MANY MUCH-ES
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Think RUST. All other mechanical problems, such as the brakes, can be easily repaired. Rust is the killer. It can cost many times the value of a car to repair, and then can still come back. Ask me how I know, and why I'm not fooling with any more British cars!

It's probably a good thing that the front carpet is gone. It allows you to check the floor boards closely. Look at the rocker panels and the bottom of the doors closely also. The area under the battery is a problem area too. From what I understand from the long time Opeler's is that almost all GT have problems there--mine did--and shouldn't kill an other wise good car.
Good luck,
Thanks much. Do you think if its basically rust free then that the asking price is fair?
You didnt mention the paint or body on the car. If paint is faded
and body have dings your looking at some money to fix. How clean is the engine compartment and interior. 2000 sound a litte
steep but I havent seen any pictures of this car. I bought my first
opel 2 years ago for $600 towed it home fix the carb and drove it.
Look at Stanley's 69 Restoration in the Photo Gallery.
The paint looks good and glossy from the photos. The body appears straight and I didn't see any noticible boo-boos. I'll have to ask. I've seen what I would call comparable GTs go for about $4000.00 on ebay, but again, they may know something I don't.
I've been watching the ones on Ebay too. You have to be really
careful when purchasing without really seeing the car. Be very careful if it is a car lot or dealer, they will stretch the truth to make a sell.....good luck

Yeah I agree with you there. This one is from a classified not on eBay. Its about 3 hours away from me so before I go look at it, I want to try and find out as much as I can from the seller.
advice on buying gt

Another good thing to look for is that the lights turn over freely, lock into place and come on and off.
When you listen to it run listen for a lot of upper-end noise. Take a magnet with you to check the front and rear quarter panels and in front of and behind the door. A refrigerator magnet works great here. If it doesn't stick there's bondo underneath.
Crouch in front of each tire take a good hold on it and pull on it. Listen for popping noises. If it does pop may have a ball joint or tie rod problem in front, or if it's in back it might be a rear end problem i.e. berings etc.
Before driving it while it's running put your hand over and block the exhaust pipe. If it doesn't stall it probably has an exhaust leak.
Every Opel I've had has had electrical problems. Look for signs of fire or electrical damage (like if the radio is replaced).
Most of all make sure you drive it. Take it up a hill if you can (it would give you a clue about the motor and transmission).
Good luck and happy Opeling.:D :cool:
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Wow! Thanks Ben! That was super super helpful. I'll print off everyone's advice and take it with me when I go!
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