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as much as want to hang on to my car and fix it up , I also need to sell it.
I'm wanting to know how much to ask for it..,the motor has 30,000 on a rebuilt motor. need pait,brakes, and a carbarator....72 GT

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Guess there are 2 routes here.
One is you start listing all the advantages, deduct the flaws and multily that number by the life expectancy in years. Multiply that number again by something less than what you paid for it. What you already put in the car will naturally determine what "something" means in this instance....

The other option is to ask for offering the highest life expectancy for the vehicle from a potential buyer. Then ask the high bidder what he is willing to pay.

I think a mix of option one and two is what I really want to suggest.

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Uh, the most basic questions are going to be..

What condition is the car in, how much rust, whats the condition of the body, the paint, whats the interior like, the glass, bumpers, wheels, tires, how much of a restoration have you done, motor is rebuilt but with what? Is it bored, new cam, lifters, weber carb? blah blah blah. How about some pictures?

Without knowing these things, I can give you an honest estimate that the car is worth somewhere between $25 and $25,000.

I know this doesnt help, but being so vague is like going to a contractor and asking him "How much to build me a house?" Details my friend. Details.
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