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Need someone to redo my fuze box

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I have a mess with my fuze box....Could anyone recommend a shop or Opel professional (on the West Coast) that can redo my fuze box..I have new looms and a new box.....the car runs and most things work fine but the box is a tangle of wires... I hired a automotive electrical shop to do this and they made it messier than before...
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Here's a long shot: Contact Keith Lundholm and see if he is willing to do the job if you send him your instrument panel, fuse box, relays, and dash wiring harness.
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Actually they were designed to be a tangle of wires.... The wiring system does not have enough thought put into it. Many people have chose to redesign it. I kept mine original but if I were starting over I probably would have done something else.
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Best thing to do with the factory wiring and fuse box is to remove all of it, stretch it out on the ground in the directions it was mounted/ routed through the car. Then run it over with a steam roller. Once that's done install a painless wiring harness 😁
Yea, I'm not a fan of the opels wiring at all ...
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Charles Goin did a write up of how to wire up a GT with an aftermarket fuse box with GM color coded wires. On aftermarket fuse boxes, each individual wire is labeled and says exactly what to hook it up to, plus there's an instruction book. All the wires are already connected to the fuse box, you just need to mount the fuse box somewhere and then start connecting the easy stuff, like the front and rear lighting. Don't look at the whole thing, just focus on one color of wire at a time, there's about 35 of them. Eventually you run out of colors and you're done. Give yourself one mission per day, like hooking up the Parking lights, then have a beer. After about 1-2 cases of beer you're done and your car will work better and be more trouble free than any oem GT ever was. Here's one of Charlie's how to do it pics:

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Don't go by my current wiring project, my car is heavily modified and I replaced all the gizmos with modern stuff. It's taken me about 2 months working about 3 hours per day, but taking my time and enjoying it. If I was just rewiring a stock GT I would have been done in about a month.

YOU CAN DO IT! We'll help.

I guess you all all right about the mess.....I just want someone else to do it....I have Parkinson's and it is almost impossible to wre.
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