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Hi evereyone

I dont know where else to post this,but somewhere, i'll get positive feedback.

If you search ''knysna fires'' , you'll see what chaos can ensue when fire goes out of control.
My friend, Quintin, lives there and was heavily affected. He lost it all, including a 6yr old son.
He is a man apart right now.

I want to try give him back a small piece of the life he had.

He inherited an old opel ascona from his late father/best friend. An opel that has been handed down 4 times in the family.

The car was mint condition. All original trimmings, engine, rims and colour. Kept in shape all these years.
Sadly, it was reduced to n metal body and crisp, black ash that was once the rubber and plastics of the car.
I want to help him. By restoring the car for him. To give him back even a small piece of the memories. Im posting this to ask all of you around the world, to try help me to help him.
If you can manage to dig out whatever small change or odd notes lying around your car or under the seats etc, and donate it to rebuild this man's car for him. I know this is a global forum, but im sure we can figure something out.
Please people. It would mean alot if you can help.
Thank you in advance
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