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my needs list...can anyone help??

i need to locate the following items. perhaps some of you can help me out.

1) lug nuts that will fit stock 1972 wheels.

2) a "pull rod" for my parking brake. the old one seems to have broken off. this is the rod that connects the park brake handle to the cable underneath the car.

3) a pair of stock 1972 wheels.

if anyone knows where i can locate these things cheap, please pm me or post for all to read.



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The lug nuts are the same as for a Honda. M12 x 1.5 with a 60 degree bevel. You should be able to get them at any auto-supply store. But if you want "stock" Opel lug nuts, you might try posting on the ad board, and also on the classicopels site

Sometimes an e-brake handle and lever shows up on eBay. I had a spare, but I sold it last year to a member in New Mexico. Or again, try posting on the ad board or classicopels. I guess the same applies to the stock wheels, but they are going to be pricey to ship. Any members in Kansas that can help out? But if it helps, the '72 GT used the same 15-hole wheels as the '71 (and late '70 as well).

Or try one of the Opel suppliers ( http://www.opeljunkyard.com/ or http://www.opelgtsource.com/ or even Opels Unreachable at http://www.opelsunl.com/ )

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