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Any Opeler in the San Diego Riverside California area who can help us
move on Febuary 26th it will be greatly appreciated.

Our yard rent is being increased by $1,800.00 by Jim Immel. :confused:

So we have to vacate. RENT is paid for this month. He is taking drugs so we
do not want to be there or have any association with Jim from this
day forward.

For your efforts you can take home used parts you want or have a
store credit which has a total value of $60.00 retail as payment for
your help.
If you need something i.e. a used engine or 4 speed or an axle now is
the time to order it so you can pick it up that day. A $60.00 credit
is issued against any purchase for your help.

If we do not get the cars and parts out, Mr. James Immel ( who no
longer is employed by USA Opel nor associated in any way with our
company) will be placing a lein against them and they will either be
tossed in the scrap metal recycle yard, or given to Todd Martin, or
just thrown away period. :(

We need help to move just 1 mile from a yard in Rainbow/Temecula to
another storage yard in Rainbow.

I really hate to ask :eek: BUT we have until the 28th to move and need
help. ( Many hands make light the work) i.e. pick up trucks 4 wheel
drives or trailers to haul larger parts i.e. 4 engines ( we have a
cherry picker to load and unload ) and many 4 speed transmissions,
exhaust head pipes with the manifold still attached, front
suspensions, oil pans, gas tanks, bumpers etc etc

We are moving the cars now everyday and just want to make sure we get
all the parts out.

We also need a cordless sawsall, or some type of battery powered
cutting tool (a portable generator would work too no electricity is
provided on this property) to cut up a 4 door 1900 DAM it has to be
cut up for sheet metal parts. If you own an Ascona you can pick a
sheet metal part you want off the car for your help. if we do not
disassemble it, it will go to lein scrap or Todd.

We hope this will be the last move as it is very stressful and
getting old real fast. Wish we had the $900,000.00 it takes to own a real shop
but we have to make due with what we have (and can afford) to serve
the Opel owners.

email Jim at [email protected] ... or call 760 497 5360 if you can help
Thank you all once again for all your support.

P.S. The annual SDOMC meet is in March at Pat and Oscars Encinitas
Blvd, Encinitas Saturday March 12th 11:30 AM to 2PM?? We have a good
time and eat good food too! : > )

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I am sorry to hear about the rent, and the other stuff. Would love to help out but I am on the other side of the country, hope everything works out!!
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