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Needed: Coil resistor wire

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Has anyone got the resistor wire that goes from the + side of coil to the terminal of the fuse panel. Mine is straight wired now. I've been told this ain't good.


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I've read most of the post on the coil thing and i am a little confused. I'm rewiring my '69 and i looked at the coil and compared it to what i have read and not sure still. I have a blue Bosch w/tan top made in Germany. But i checked resistance across the post and get less than 1 ohm. I read that the ones in Brazil, Germany, etc.. were internal resistor coils. I need to know before i throw my resistor wire out. Any other check can be done?

Coil Resistance.

If your Bosch Blue coil actually has no internal resistance, you need the resistor wire in the circuit to power the coil from the fuse panel. If the coil had internal resistance, you wouldn't need the resistor wire in the circuit. So keep the wire unless you replace the coil with a use that has internal resistance above 1.0 ohms.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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