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New England Opels?

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Hi! - Just looking to see if I can connect with any guys who are in the New England are that have an Opel GT or in the process of rebuilding one. I live in Central Massachusetts but don't mind taking a trip to check out other projects and swap info. I'm restoring a 72GT and have a 70 GT for parts, learning, etc. This is my first car project and I'm sure to make plenty of mistakes - just wouldn't mind reducing them by meeting guys who have been through the rebuilding process. :)
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Welcome scoutdog72. I moved your post to the New England Opel Club forum. I'm down in S.E. MA and we have several members around the state, in NH, and CT.

Our big meet is the annual Opels on the Lawn event. OOL is part of the Museum of Transportation's German Car Day. This will take place on June 15th. Photos of past events are in the Photo Gallery. Any other meet info will be posted here.
Thanks - I'll mark my calendar and watch for the details.
I'm in western MA and have been repairing a 72 GT in my spare time. This is my first Opel. I'm upgrading the front wiring harness at the moment.
Hopefully my long TO DO list will shorten as the weather improves, as I don't have a garage to work in!

woohoo, finally I have a garage to work on the Opel!
It does need some work and a coat of paint - but so does the garage! :)


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Nice to see you have found a place to do some work. I have have the place to work on my 72 - trouble is I have a hell of a lot of work. Not only the rotted out sections - but the whole left side was damaged and repaired back in the early 70's. Oh well - I'm committed now. Never purchase a car at night - in the the middle of winter - outside! LOL!

Can you give me the paint code for your car? - I believe that's Manta orange. Since I'm piecing together two cars (lime & yellow) I think I'll change the paint scheme. I always liked the orange and black trim on the Gts.

The orange isn't the original paint athough there is a similar orange under it. The color code says "529 751"
I haven't spent much time researching my paint options, but plan on trying to match the current color as close as possible.
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