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hey guys i couldn't help but notice the thread...i took the 2.3 gt to last years GRM challenge and plan on taking it again this year, along with a ford 4.6 dohc powered porsche 914. anyway the rear end setup did amazing well in the autocross. it handled better than i ever dreamed. while having no stock basis to judge from it could be worse that a normal gt. but i was impressed. my front suspension needs some help. i bottomed out bad on the course and screwed up the fenders. as for a drag race launch. the setup was horrible, but i think it was my tires (32 psi) yeah i know i'm an idiot, and i cut the factory springs which made launching impossible. my 60' time were almost 3 seconds (horrible) but i was crossing the line with 15.6 @ 92 mph. with a huge boost leak and my distrubutor loose!!

anyway i'll post some pics on the final product soon...

you NEED to get a hold of the electrical and vacumn troubleshooting manual for the correct year tbird...and i mean you NEED it.

see ya and good luck,



1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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