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Who's doing your cage?

cage can be hard in a GT the roof slopes down at the rear

its very important to get it as high and wide and as far back as practical

maybe cutting the roof off would be the way to go

Anyway I am sure you have gone all over this stuff.

Good Luck.

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a few things that might be on your list

Take some extra control arms down and have the boxed and reinforced.

find info on Targa Top kit and add reinforcements at those locations

heavy duty torque tube stuff

rebuilt rack

oil cooler

4 core radiator used to cost us $150 down in TX

fan shroud is a must

crank scraper and windage tray

My GT always over heated even with 4 core radiator 2 elect fans and an oil cooler

so an under pulley might help

2.2 water pump

if you can run FI maybe but not at first

K&N sold an adapter that was a weber to round air filter
then on top of that they had snorkel like the stock GT set up

you could pull cold air from the front of the car

quaiffe sells steal synchros for the Opel 4 speed Trans might help

few things off the top of my head

I never raced IT just Solo II (EP/DM).

1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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