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Hey folks a quick update for those of you thinking of buying spring/summer Opel car projects. Lots of father and son purchases and family purchases this year. We are offering a great little collection of rare Mantas and rare Kadetts even a rare Notchback as well as a 50's Olympia Rekord wagon. In fact, a few wagons we will be putting out as well as a few GTs so keep you eyes on eBay for the next few weeks and months as we list all of these fun cars.

Any time you see something that you like and have questions, just call Todd right away at 562-690-1051.

Here's how you get to the cars out on eBay:

Search Opel > parts and accessories > salvage parts cars

That's an inexpensive section in which we can sell these cars as none of them have an installed battery and can not be driven away at this time. All of the cars have great potential and some are even original paint.

If you would like any pictures of any of these cars/models just ask and we can send them along to your email or your phone as these cars are also available off of eBay
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