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HI I'm a new opel owner . I hope someone could tell me a little about my car . iT'S A 72 GT with a auto trans . I beleive It has a
1.9L . What would the car be worth in fair shape . where is the best place to buy parts for the front end . any help would be great

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Opel GT Source is the best place for parts and information. Gil can help with anything. As far as the cars worth, it worth what you want to spend on it. Totally restored, you may think it is worth $15,000 but to sell it, it might get 10,000 - 12,000. Depending on the work restoring it. I purchased my Opel GT 2 years ago for 600 dollars and 2 years later with loooootttttttssss of time and money I'm almost finished. Estimated worth to me "Priceless".......


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Opel Parts and Classic Opel Appraisal

For now, I have moved this thread to the "GT" topic heading. When you want to tell us a bit about yourself and your "new" GT, please feel free to enjoin us in the "Introductions" section.

As for parts, I believe you have been given good advice regarding Opel GT Source. I, myself, am in the middle of a front suspension rebuild, and OGTS had most everything I could have asked for, including polyurathane bushings and various sleeves and bolts. The only real limit is your pocket book!

There are several other sources for parts, including your local automotive parts store, if they will take the time to look up parts numbers. I generally like to support OGTS, but the reality is that heavier parts, such as brake rotors, can be a more expensive than the part itself to ship any distance. And ebay is also a good source, but you have to be opportunistic. It often has such things as NOS (New Old Stock) brake parts and rebuild kits, and I have seen NOS tie rod ends and ball joints. You can even buy A-arms, leaf springs, and such. But again, patience and perserverance is the key. Not the ticket for working on a daily driver!

A terrific source of parts information can be found on the classicopels Yahoo! site. You REALLY need to be a member, for both the information there and to access the following reference sheet:

http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/classicopels/files/GT Parts Oct 2002.xls

This is a spreadsheet with parts numbers for MANY required parts.

To sign up, go to the home page at


And you can also ask members here (use the "Parts Wanted" section of the classified section), on the ad board of Opel Motorsports Club at


and especially the classicopels site.

Finally, for a reference on pricing, try Charles Goin's article on the Opel Association Of North America site at:


in the Library section.


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For what its worth. I have this neat little book called CPI. Cars of Particular Interest. I think its made by the same guys that do the NADA books. It lists a GT (any year) in fair shape @ $2100, good shape @ $2850 and Excellent @ $4,000. The book is slightly dated as mine is 1997 edition.

There are some reallllllyy cool cars listed in this thing. Brings back alot of memories. If anyone is interested I'll post where you can get it at.:D
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