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New Thermostat

I think that my overheating problems in my 1975 FI Opel may be attibuted to having the wrong thermostat. PO had installed a standard 180 degree stat (pictured on the left) and I found out that the FI Opels have a double spring style.
The one pictured below on the right is Meistersatz 1430706 (I beleive from an early FI VW Rabbitt (thanks Charles). Now I have a question????????
The new thermostat (much heavier piece) comes with a round rubber seal that also has rounded not flat edges. It doesn't really fit tightly on the stats face but I am willing to try it. Anyone encounter or use this style seal for the stat housing? I am not into coolant leaking


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FI thermostats

From an old e-mail (6/6/2002) . . . glad I save these things.

Stant Numbers:

160 degree - 13376

I would recommend this one if you have overheating issues and live in Nevada, Utah, Texas, Arizona . . . to name just a few

180 degree - 13378 (USUALLY associated with Diesel VW motors)

A little cooler T-stat if you live in HOT climates

180 degree - 45378

The SUPERstat model.. A whiz bang SUPPOSEDLY higher quality and better operating model.. OR is it just shinier and cost more?

192/195 degree - 13379

SuperStat model - 45379

NO CROSS REFERENCE FOUND.. Other than in OLD catalog and then it WAS for the liquid cooled VWs

DO NOT get 13399 or any model apparently with "99" as the last two

digits. This one is also hard to get.. Making me wonder if the reason

Scott had a problem getting from his local source is that the newest

Stant catalog has a typo.

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