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I have also posted this on the Classic Opels list, but Gene and Gary convinced me to join and also post this message here ...

I just uploaded a page with some basic information on how to ship a car inside the United States as well as across the Atlantic. Please check this page out and let me know what you think:

I am especially interested in information I should add, points that need clarification, or mistakes that I did not notice.

On another note: I am looking for an AC setup for a '68 1.9 Kadett wagon.

58 Kapitan P, 58 Rekord P CarAvan, 59 Rekord P 2-door, 60 Rekord P CarAvan (*2), 61 Rekord PII 2-door, 68 Kadett B-L 1900 caravan and a bunch of others ...

PS: Gary: feel free to move this post if it should have gone into another forum
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