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Newbie Brake Question/Wheel Cylinder

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I will be replacing my Wheel cylinders today, my question is how do I remove the shoes.? Do I have to remove the shoes completely? Or can I just disconnect them from the pistons?
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If you remove the top spring you should be able to separate the shoes and remove the cylinder.

I'm guessing that you are replacing the cylinder due to a leak on them. If that's the case, you should replace the shoes also, since most likely they are contaminated with brake fluid and that is a big NO NO.

I'll be repeating what many others have already said in these forums, BRAKES can save your life so don't take any shortcuts and do them right!

Most importantly do I support likengtj's comment. I would also add this: if you haven't changed the brake springs and cables in a long time, replace them also!. Better to spend some extra dollars (the kits aren't high) now and not have one fall/break on you later and cut up the drums and new shoes.
brake tip

when i do rear brakes on any car i always check drum wear and have them machined and a easy way to keep ur hands clean while working on rear brakes since all that break dust builds up in there is to take a hose an spray down the whole insides it will not effect any of the parts it just helps to keep everything clean while working in that area. anthor thing is just buy the cylinders all ready assembeled its way faster and more economical in the long run then rebuilding the cylinders in the back with the front u have real no choice but to rebuild ur old ones.
Just did this about 4 months ago. (repeat all of above)

I went ahead and replaced the shoes, hardware, and machined the drums during the cylinder job. Might as well, since your there all ready. Also, you might look at replacing all your hardware, depending on what shape your current hardware is in. OGTS has all.

If you shear off the bolts that hold the cylinder to the shroud, you can go to a VW shop for a replacement. They have Allen bolts for VW's that work the same, only you can get a better grip on them.

I found that out the hard way.
Machining Brake Drums

About how much does it cost to get the brake drums machined? Can you just take them to any old brake shop and get them done?
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