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Ngk Spark Plugs

Here's something that hasn't happened to me in a long time but I guess there's a second time for everything. I went out last Saturday to start my GT only to find that the #1 cylinder was not firing. I had replaced the Bosch spark plugs with NGK brand last summer and couldn't believe that I was actually having a spark plug failure. Like most Opel GT owners I don't throw much away so I put one of the old Boschs in to replace the failed NGK and the car ran beautifully. There prolly wasn't 200 miles on the new plugs either. So...My question is; Is this a common problem? Could my coil be too hot? (I also had to replace it last summer). Are NGK just funky spark-plugs and if so what would the pros pick for plugs short of solid gold. If no one has a better suggestion, I think I will just go back to using Bosch if I can find them.
Keep up the good work. This is going to be a great site as soon as the Opel community discovers it. It is much easier than some of the others to navigate.

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I have used only Bosch Plugs (German plugs/ German Car)in my GT and never had a problem.

This community does have a lot of potential and it has a very powerful application that runs it. There is a very active development group for support of this software and new features are added daily. All the messages and attachments are stored in a database for fast access and the search feature will become a great tool as more messages are added. Search the word Bosch and see what I mean.

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No problems

I havent had a problem with the NGK. They are my top choice in Platinums (but are pricey), mainly because Bob Legere said they were better and who am I to argue ? :)

But I have had problems with the Bosch Platinums becoming fouled easily, my last set fouled within 3000 miles.

Currently I am using the standard NGK plugs without much problem.

I find them better made than the Champions and they seem to perform better than the stock Bosch plugs.

In reality I think for the most part they are all close to the same (at least the stock plugs). The differences lie in the Platinum which only Bosch and NGK make for our cars.

I am hoping the Bosch +4 platinum comes out for our cars in the future. I would like to try them.

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