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pump cover

Before you pull the dist, I'd pull the oil pump cover. Six 13mm nuts is all. Check for scoring or signs of wear, and replace with another or have it cut smooth by your local machine shop's big belt sander they use for heads. Do a little finish smoothing with some 600 grit, and then some polishing with steel wool or "green scratchies."
Toss the pump back together with your favorite prelube, then pull the distributer and prelube the system. One easy method is to get 18" or so of 3/8-1/2" rod, grind one end down to a flat screw-driver like point (match the end of the distributer) and chuck it into your drill. Spin the rod clock-wise and you should be able to build pressure.
A worn pump cover is a known weak link in the Opel oiling system, and not that uncommon. You guys with 25-30# of oil pressure going down the highway may be able to do the same thing to get into the 45#+ club.
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