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hey dudes,

when im driven my gt it makes a noise in the front right side of the car.
it sounds like the right tire is going to fall off. it sound like something is loose but nothing is loose. what do you guys think?

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Things that go bump in the night...

I think that you should turn the stereo up :)

Seriously, it could be a number of things. A description of the noise might help (although diagnosing faults by a noise description is pretty tough). Does it make a constant noise (or does it get worse when you apply the brakes, or turn left or right, or go over a bump, or...)? Is it a rattling noise, or a grinding noise, or a clunking noise? Does it change with speed?

Those answers might help. Here are some things that can cause a front end noise:

seized caliper and/or worn brake pad, grinding on the rotor.
worn out upper or lower control arm bushing
worn spring-eye bushing
broken shock
worn ball joint
worn tie rod end
worn wheel bearing (or out of adjustment)
bent rotor backing plate, grinding against the rotor
a stone caught between the backing plate and the rotor
various broken or loose suspension bolts
Loose/missing wheel studs

This could go on for a while. Let us know what you find. HTH
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