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Nor-Cal BBQ at OGTS Oct. 16th 2004

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OGTS is having a no frills pick nick at there place in Sonora, CA. on Saturday the 16th of October and all are encouraged to come :cool: . Bring the meat you wish to BBQ and last names A-M bring a salad of some kind, last names N-Z bring a desert. They have two propane BBQ's to cook on so the only Weber you need bring is under your hood!!! :rolleyes: I jazzed and excited to go to my very first meet!!! Also looking FWD to meeting all of you in the Nor Cal area!!! :D

Ranger out!
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Hey Wasp you're not that far from me here in Shingletown, I should have you meet me here and you drive my wifes 72 Auto GT to Gil's and then I could drive my Sterling!
My wife needs to learn how to drive yet darn it!!! Seriously I'm due to have a surgey soon and hoping it won't land too close to the BBQ. as I really want to attend!!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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