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Jarrod Li said:
ROFL!!! That's the only thing I worry about with my GT, people just don't pay attention while driving anymore. I think that in general people have forgotten that driving is a privilege not a right.

I agree that some peope are clueless when it comes to being an alert driver. However, I must respectfully disagree with your statement. Driving CERTAINLY is a RIGHT! We all have the "right of transportation by the current means of the day" to paraphrase the Bill of Rights and Supreme Court decisions. Just because every DMV handbook tells you otherwise is not a reason to surrender our RIGHT. How else in this age are we expected to get to work to earn a living, bring food to our children, etc.? All those rights depend on our right of free travel.

To not accept this idea, means that you believe that some authority has GIVEN YOU the "privilege" of driving. This same authority could decide on the "privilege" of driving an Opel on our streets (i.e., "sorry only cars after 1995 will be allowed on public roads from now on").

A privilege can be revoked without warning or explanation. A right is MUCH harder to take away.

Just throwing this out to bear in mind. Our hobby (and more) may one day depend on the mindset of the people regarding this issue.

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